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A decision that will impact not just Vancouver, not just Victoria, but all of British Columbia is coming: Kinder Morgan. And while we wait for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to render his ultimate decision, we must remember that he will only listen if we speak out.

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will “include about 987 kilometres of new pipeline, new facilities and the reactivation of 193 km of existing pipeline, and would see increased tanker traffic,” notes The Vancouver Sun. “If the project is approved, Kinder Morgan expects the Westridge Marine Terminal to serve 34 tankers per month, up from the current five.”

Concerned residents of the Valley joined together for a vigil against the Trans Mountain expansion. Over 3,000 protestors showed up at Vancouver City Hall on the weekend to have their voices heard. First Nations communities have rallied against the Texas-owned oil company’s plans. And across Canada, petitions and other demonstrations have showed a general dissent against expanding pipelines.

But the risk here on our coast isn’t just based on ideals – it’s based on the reality that the inevitable spills or leaks from an increase in oil transportation will impact us. Our fragile coastal ecosystems, our developing aquaculture, and our very way of life could be at risk.

The short-term economic gains cannot – and traditionally have not – outperform the inherent risks to other industries, the environment, and human health. It is our duty to our community, and our children’s future, to speak out against clear wrongs. And Trans Mountain is nothing but wrong.

We need PM Trudeau to listen – and the only way we can make sure he does is to speak up.


Voice your opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Email or write to:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON   K1A 0A2
Tel: 1 613 995-0253
Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca


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