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I have fought in the desert of Afghanistan and walked through the Oasis of the Arghandab river. I have seen poverty and environmental devastation beyond your imagination. It’s what drives me to protect what I cherish most and to hold governments accountable.

I have worked on the Syrian border, travelled through the Kingdom of Jordan, visited castles, climbed the southern stairs to Petra, and walked the streets of old Jerusalem, while providing personal security details in the Middle East.

I have been a mission leader on 300 ft exploratory scientific dives to the continental shelf off the coast of Honduras.

I have worked on counter narcotics teams in South America and SWAT teams in the United States.

At the time I was being personally attacked over the recent Van Sun article, I was dressed in 180 lbs of US Navy diving gear while walking underwater in a shark tank in Vancouver.

I’m a trained sniper and certified firearms instructor in BC by both the RCMP and the Justice Institute.

Sticks & Stones

Among other things, they called me a leaf licking, soy latte drinking, Starbucks Cowboy – as a matter of record, I would like everyone to know that I hold a general campaign star for active combat service and an award from the governor general’s office of Canada which recognizes my work in counter terrorism. It is true, I sometimes wear a Cowboy hat and visit Starbucks. They got that part right. And yes, while completing military SERE training in the US, I did lick leaves as a source of water to survive. But on the soy latte part, sorry guys, I prefer almond milk.

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  • Monica speckling

    Hello, First of all I like to thank you for fighting for black bears. I live in Powell River. A few years back 28 black bears were killed here in a matter of months. They also slaughtered Cubs.
    I regret that you feel that you constantly have to defend yourself by mentioning your war record. Doing what you do as a defender of black bears and the environment is important enough. Publishing records showing that the government prefers to hire hunters and conservation officers proving that they prefer shoot to kill rather than conserve is also very valuable.
    I do not stand by you because you were part of invading other countries for profit. Too many people got and are still getting killed in the Middle East due to terrorism coming from the West. I stand by you now because you are making a difference now here in Canada.

    Thank you,

  • sheldon duff

    I am proud of what you did for those bear cubs, and also for what you are trying to do to change the “kill first” mentality of the conservation service. I have written to the previous government regarding this issue, and other conservation related issues (for example the Grizzly Bear hunt). I guess that I need to write to the current government too. I strong support you and your efforts. I know that there is always push-back when you go up against the status quo, and I hope that you will continue with your efforts.

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