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When you capture a child’s mind, you touch the hopes & dreams of greatness. To ignore youth is to fail in all that is human. ~ Bryce Casavant

I want to tell you what’s bothering me about public education in BC and the concerns I have for my little girl’s future.

Enrollment in BC’s schools is projected to rise, and this recent budget is not addressing the core issues.

As a result of government inaction over the last sixteen years, many schools have closed and the relationships between the province, school boards, parents, and students continue to be strained.

Never has our education system relied so heavily on parents to fundraise for field trips, technology for the classroom, music programs, playgrounds, and transportation. Teachers are paying too, out of their own pockets to cover supplies.

In addition to these challenges, class sizes are growing and there are simply not enough staff and resources to support them.

Our kids deserve better

A high-quality public education should be available to every young person in BC. My goal is to reignite the spark of imagination and hope for our teachers and our children. I believe that together, under a new government, we can create a bright future for our children.

This is not a drill

I was in the legislature for the 2017 budget announcement. This administration is still failing our children. After an entire generation of children has been left behind, after we have stripped and starved our children’s schools of the funding they required – and after court battles and a Supreme Court of Canada decision – this administration still does not get it. Our children are our future. My friends, unlike the recess bell, this is not a drill.

This May, as a society, we need to form a new government that can care for all our children and build a better BC for the generations to come. My daughter’s future depends on it, just like all the sons and daughters of BC.

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