NEWS RELEASE – Casavant calls for stop to grizzly trophy hunt before season begins April 1

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Mounting criticisms show a need to stop the hunt before it begins April 1st 2017.

OAK BAY – The grizzly bear trophy hunt must be put to a stop before the season opens on April 1, says BC NDP candidate for Oak Bay-Gordon Head Bryce Casavant.

“Another report has come out questioning the science and ethics supporting the ongoing grizzly bear trophy hunt, meanwhile Christy Clark is standing back while another trophy-hunting season is about to begin,” said Casavant, a former Conservation Officer who made international headlines when he refused to follow an order to kill two healthy bear cubs.

“This administration continues to stand back and ignore the overwhelming opposition for the grizzly bear trophy hunt.”

The Christy Clark government’s trophy hunt program does not meet a reasonable level of scientific rigor, and actually highlights several critical flaws. Now, a recent Board of Inquiry Report from the Grizzly Bear Foundation shows opposition to the grizzly bear trophy hunt by a majority of British Columbians.

“BC’s grizzly bears are not trophies to be hung on walls,” said Casavant. “Killing these bears for sport is unacceptable to First Nations and a majority of British Columbians – including hunters.”
Casavant wrote a submission to the Auditor General asking her to recommend a halt to this year’s hunt because Christy Clark has refused to take action. The Auditor General is currently in the process of reviewing the management of grizzly bears in BC. Meanwhile, Christy Clark and her government claim that their hands are tied while the review is taking place and that the trophy hunt can still go on.

“As British Columbians, we have a proud outdoor heritage that includes hunting, fishing and a growing eco-tourism industry,” said Casavant. “Bear viewing creates more jobs in local communities and generates millions of dollars more than trophy hunting.”

“If elected in May, John Horgan and an NDP government will ban grizzly bear trophy hunting in BC,” said Casavant.

Bryce’s most recent letter to the Auditor General can be viewed here: 2017-03-12 AG Submission

Bryce’s critique of the government’s original so-called scientific report can be viewed here:



Bryce Casavant

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