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Today the BC NDP has declared it WILL end the trophy hunting of grizzly bears.

Thank you, John Horgan, for standing up for British Columbia’s wildlife. 

If you have ever spent time with bears, watching them, learning them, feeling their presence – you know they are majestic creatures, and eerily like humans. They have their own attitudes, their own way. Whether it is foraging along the shores of our coast, eating salmon from our beautiful rivers, or just, well, being bears – it is these iconic animals that people from all around the global come to see and photograph – and to kill.

John Horgan has taken a position on the grizzly bear hunt and I fully support him. I am sure this position was not easy and that it came with some political risks. But this is true leadership in difficult times and it is this leadership we desperately need as a province.

If you are going to shoot a grizzly bear – do it with a camera, and then hang the picture over your mantle for the rest of time.

As a former conservation officer in BC, I have spent time with bears, and I speak on this issue from personal and professional experience. The greatest connection does not come from killing a bear; it is holding a small cub and feeling his tiny heartbeat, brushing the bristly wiry hair on the back of his neck, and knowing, deep down, that this wonderful creature will have a future because of something you did.

The Liberal government has lost its capacity to care for our environment and wildlife, it has lost its compassion and empathy. It is time we elected people that will always hold our values.

I was hurt when this administration wanted to kill the two black bear cubs Jordan and Athena, and I made personal sacrifices to protect them. I have seen too many black bear cubs, and even grizzly cubs, shot and killed by our government.

The NDP will stand up for BC’s grizzlies.


BC NDP, “Horgan commits to ban grizzly bear trophy hunt” (November 24, 2016). https://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/horgan-commits-ban-grizzly-bear-trophy-hunt

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